Dubstep(ダブステップ)/Various artists★マーキューズ・スコットも使用した曲収録

マーキューズ・スコット/MARQUESE SCOTTのダンスで使用された、
「Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix)」が収録されています。

1.Position in Control (Richter Mix) – Doctor ReBas
2.Woo Boost- ラスコ
3.Kinetik- Phutureprimitive
4.Rude Boy- Zeds Dead & Omar LinX
5.I Got the Key- Blackburner & TheFlame12
6.Underground Tunnel- Dubstep Division
7.Sun Is Shining (Smoke Out Dubstep Mix)- Bob Marley
8.Speakers Up- Durty Phresh
9.Heartcore- Shameboy
10.Sandstorm (Dubstep Rmx)- Z-Drive
11.So Hot (Melt Your Face Mix)- Mike Jones
12.Accidentally On Purpose- Shem
13.Take Me Away- Burman & Jessica Jean
14.Evil Beauty- Blackmill
15.Mouse Rat Adventure- Area 151
16.Lights- Klaypex
17.Electric Avenue (Dubstep Remix)- Transbot
18.Let Me Go- Cutline
19.V8- Marty Party
20.Anti-Matter- Dubstep Mafia
21.Generation Monsters- Vodex
22.Lone Hitman (Dubstep Remix)- Lipstick Party
23.Evil- Dr Cryptic
24.Dubstep Master Killer- Oxybator
25.Echo in My Head- 501
26.Satisfaction (Brand Blank Dubstep Remix)- Dubstep Klub Kids
27.White Rabbit (Dubstep Remix)- Red Titanic
28.54-46 Was My Number (Dubstep Remix)- トゥーツ & ザ・メイタルズ
29.Pipes, Bass & Space (Tron Daddy Remix)- Glitch Bitch
30.Moon Dust (Dubstep Remix)- Sir Kasmic
31.Chaos (Dubstep Mix)- Terminal Tragedy
32.We Will Rock You (Dubstep Remix)- KRS-ONE
33.Xxx- Zerohead
34.Hyphycide- Nit Grit
35.Barbra Streisand (Dubstep Remix)- Red Titanic
36.Headstrong (Dubstep Mix)- トラプト
37.Tricked Out- Dubstep Raw
38.U.F.O.- Tron Demode & MC Kid R.I.P
39.Outer Limits Dub- Space Temple
40.Weatherman- Phaded
41.Pass the Dutchie (Dubstep Remix)- ミュージカル・ユース
42.Ice Ice Baby (Wunderbros Dubstep Remix)- ヴァニラ・アイス
43.Quiet Loud- Desron Murmaid
44.Airwaves to Basswaves- Reverse Spirit
45.Das Model (Dj Kraft Master Remix)- Dubstep Monkey Tail
46.Renegade Stoked With Lemonade (Quaid Head Mix)- Vee Cohaagen
47.Catch You If I Can- Space Temple
48.Codes- Lefkowitz
49.Higher Limit- Dubstep Warriors
50..Pumped Up Kicks (Dubstep Remix)- Blackburner